A passionate maker of leather goods.

It all started when I was really young that I noticed I loved using my creativity. At 11 years old of age, we had a class in school called "woodwork". This was my favorite class. Every Thursday afternoon for two hours, we had the chance to work with our hands and just release our creativity into whatever project we chose.

I looked forward to every Thursday because that was my 2 hours of the week when I had my creativity outlet. This class gave me more enjoyment and stimulation than any other class I had at the time. One Thursday, I saw a piece of leather lying in a corner which looked interesting. It was beautiful and so robust at the same time and that combination was just so appealing.

I grabbed it and got an idea to make a simple wallet combined with some Swedish ”bear thread” (really strong thread back then). The excitement i had for that project was through the roof and I can tell that after completing it, I used that wallet everyday for the next 16 years. That particular Thursday, I was hooked into leathercraft.

Its just sad that I didn't really had a chance to continue on that passion until December 2019 (almost 18 years later) where I decided to start working with my hands again and somehow continue on that journey. Its funny how life gets in the way with all the "musts" and then you wake up one day realizing life is not complete without your passion.

Your passionate maker,
Dany Poles